Five Wire

Multiple tools in one instrument

See the signals you need most

Easily view and share data

With multiple tools in one compact instrument, Five Wire provides dependable results so you can feel certain your next move is the right one. Includes: LiveLogic™ Digital Logic Capture, Logic Source Pattern Generator, Logic Analyzer, Waveform Generator, and I2C, SPI, Trigger Protocol Probes

Complete Your Debugging Toolset

Traditional oscilloscopes are powerful, but don’t always provide the information you need when it comes to digital IO and protocol based transactions. The Five Wire tool controls and captures your signals so you can debug and verify your design efficiently.

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Designed By Engineers, For Engineers.

Five Wire was created by engineers who have designed some of the world’s most popular testing equipment. Taking a unique approach to testing digital transactions, Five Wire captures and stores data only when a signal changes, greatly reducing the time and memory necessary to capture and record transactions.

Five Wire is not intended to replace your scope. But it will help you get information quickly and reduce your overall testing time.

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The Power of Three

With digital, analog, and protocol source signals, you can replace or emulate source inputs to verify firmware response to external signals. The Waveform source can generate analog waveforms, the logic source provides a programmable digital source, and the protocol tool can emulate an I2C slave for consistent data. Together these tools help you save time and make testing more predictable.

Product Specifications

Five Wire is a serious engineering tool developed for professional engineers.

Engineers depend on their tools to provide reliable, accurate measurements over years of service. That's why Five Wire inputs are protected against over-voltage and static discharge and outputs are protected against shorts, connection to supplies, and static discharge. High speed signal paths include 18-inch probes with impedance control and lead sets with barrel connectors.

Two 100 MHz 10x scope probes and a sturdy metal stand provide convenient access and solid construction. An aluminum instrument case provides robust protection.

Questions about the Five Wire? View our Application Notes to learn more about real-world applications and see how Five Wire has helped engineers quickly and accurately debug designs.

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