Five Wire software updates

The Five Wire Windows application software has been updated to revision 2.4.38. (link to download)

This release includes new functionality:

-The Five Wire I2C Protocol Tool to emulate an I2C master or I2C slave device.

-We have improved the I2C start detection ensuring that the I2C transaction is correctly framed virtually eliminating the need for the user to set Begin Analysis marks to correct framing issues.

-We have added a state display format which shows the data in a more compact form allowing you to focus on the series of states. To swtich between timing and state displays use the menu View -> Display Mode and select Timing Diagram or State Table.

-We have now added SCRIPT decode which gives the user even more control over the analysis of their data.

Other Enhancements

  • Improved I2C Protocol Master address and data entry method

  • Changed I2C read and write value colors to make their type more visible

  • Added mark commands to Live Logic and Logic Analyzer to support SCRIPT decoders and other user scripts.

  • Added new constants to MBScript localDirectory and userScriptDirectory to simplify library inclusion

  • Simplified wheel scroll/zoom mode inversion using the control key

  • Added ‘R’ accelerator key to set Begin Analysis mark and refresh the decode

  • Added ‘d’ accelerator key to refresh the decode

  • Menu usability improvements

  • Misc bug fixes


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