Self-designed Embedded Mesh Project on Hackaday

The main reason behind the project is to gain the experience and resources needed to be able to quickly prototype any idea I may have in the future which involves wireless hardware. 

I've been given a loaner Five Wire toolkit by Anewin which will aid me throughout the project. 

The main appeal of this idea for me is its easy integration with an already widely used WiFi band which offers secure communication protocols and internet connectivity. 

To see how far I can push this technology, I'm setting an extreme goal: I want to be able to drive an RC car through a mesh which will not only transmit low-latency encrypted control signals from the controller to the receiver but also a 144p 60fps camera stream through the same mesh from receiver to controller. 

My secondary goals include attaching various sensors to each of the nodes and letting the node manage its best connection configuration real-time.

Read about my accomplishments so far here:

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