Five Wire Software Update 2.4.38 Includes Powerful I2C Protocol Trace

The latest Five Wire software update (Free Download) incorporates I2C protocol trace

A Beginners Guide to the Five Wire from

Five Wire Embedded Design Debugging Logic Decoder Analyzer

As Reviewed on Hackster The Five Wire toolset was also reviewed on Hackster. Blogger Jeremy Cook spoke with Five wire inventor, Mike Hagen, during development and found that the tool is a true time saver for people like him. Jeremy describes Five Wire as “..easy to pick up, yet it has a full-featured toolset for when you’re ready to dive deeper”.

Five Wire Full Review on Embedded Artistry

Five Wire Embedded Design Debugging Logic Decoder Analyzer

Five Wire was recently featured on the Embedded Artistry, a website dedicated to “designing, programming, manufacturing, and debugging embedded systems”. Phillip Johnston, who is both an electrical engineer and the author of the article, reviewed the Five Wire toolset.

Seeking Senior EE Student, Graduate Student or Recent Graduate For Technical Content Creation

Having recently launched the Five Wire embedded systems debugging tool we are interested in hiring students to create content and experiment with the tool to show its full depth of abilities to a student audience. The Five Wire is a hardware and software combination that provides a logical analyzer, live logic display, waveform generator, pattern generator, and protocol analyzer to automate and run tests.

New Five Wire Digital Design Toolset Takes on the Tough Debugging Challenges Faced by Digital Designers and Electrical Engineers

Five Wire Debugging Tools

A professional grade tool set that takes over where oscilloscopes and software debuggers fall short.