A Beginners Guide to the Five Wire from Hackster.io

Five Wire Embedded Design Debugging Logic Decoder Analyzer

As Reviewed on Hackster The Five Wire toolset was also reviewed on Hackster. Blogger Jeremy Cook spoke with Five wire inventor, Mike Hagen, during development and found that the tool is a true time saver for people like him. Jeremy describes Five Wire as “..easy to pick up, yet it has a full-featured toolset for when you’re ready to dive deeper”.

From the Author Jeremy Cook "As someone who has never used a traditional logic analyzer, I can say with certainty that a beginner with some general electronics knowledge can indeed pick it up. I used the live logic function and waveform source, and even delved into the logic analyzer without much trouble. Hagen was nice enough to explain some of the finer points of using the device to me, but I imagine with more fiddling (or previous experience) things would have come even faster."

This is a good read for folks wondering about how much of a learning curve they face with the Five Wire.

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