Script 1Hz - 100 MHz waveform sweep

Do you have an example of a 1 Hz to 100 MHz waveform sweep that can be generated?

Five wire has two tools that can generate a waveform sweep. Waveform Source is an arbitrary waveform generator providing analog signals and Logic Source is a pattern generator creating digital waveforms. For example, waveform source can produce a sine wave with frequencies that range from 0.002 Hz to 50 KHz. Logic source produces vectors that have a duration that ranges from 30 ns to 40 ms. Each of these tools provides 1020 points/vectors.

The easiest way to create a sweep is to use MBScript, a 'C' like scripting language to program the pattern memory of each of these tools to sweep over a range of frequencies. There are examples of this in the Application Notes section on the Five Wire website.

So you can sweep a range of frequencies  with Five Wire both in the analog domain and the digital domain. You can't sweep either tool from 1 Hz to 100 MHz, 8 orders of magnitude, but you can sweep very useful ranges. 

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