Specifications for the Five Wire Toolset

Five Wire Documentation - User Manual, Scripting, Decode References

Download Full PDF Documentation for Decoding, Scripting, as well as Basic Functions

Five Wire User ManualQuick Start - 2 Page PDFScripting Manual and Reference GuideDCD Script Reference - RS232, I2C, SPI, LIN, VALUE

Protocol Interactive Test

I2C Protocol FunctionalityMaster read/write, send on event, loop. Slave respond to address/any, stop on timeout, set response data.
SPI Protocol FunctionalityMaster single/loop, set response data. Slave continuous set response data.
Trigger Protocol Functionality3 trigger out with invert, 3 trigger in with combinatorial logic providing A and B events

LiveLogicâ„¢ Digital Logic Capture Tool

Channels2 channels
Input Range0-16V (10X probe tip)
Sample Rate400MS/s on 2 channels
DisplayLive scope-like digital display
ProbesConvenient 10x probes
Time Resolution2.5ns
VoltmeterBuilt-in voltmeter
UX / ControlUse knobs or mouse to quickly zoom and scroll
Protocol DecodeI2C, SPI, RS-232, LIN

Logic Source Pattern Generator

Channels9 channels
Max vectors1,020
Time Resolution10ns
Duration30ns-40ms duration
Max Non-repeating Waveform>40 seconds
Generation ModesSingle, On Event, Continuous, Custom, Manual
EditingEdit individual blocks of vectors or durations
Waveform Sequence Control CommandsGoto, loop, wait for event, jump if event, jump if not event, stop, generate output event

Logic Analyzer

Trigger3-level sequence - pattern match, stable duration, or system event
Channels9 channels
Samples2,048 samples
Max Captureup to 45 min capture
Resolution10ns resolution

Waveform Generator

Max Non-repeating Waveform Duration>4 hours
Battery Emulation Alkaline, Ni-Cd, Li-ion, Ni-MH
ControlGoto, loop, wait for event, jump if event, jump if not event, stop, generate output event
Output Resolution10 bits (4.88mV)
Output Range0-5V
Max Vectors - Waveform Points1,020

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